The Fort of the two Ravines-Sanghni Fort


Sanghani Fort

Surprisngly, well preserved, Sanghani Fort stands at the junction of two Ravines passing through Village Bewal, Gujar Khan near G.T Road. The Fort Belongs to the Sikh Era and finds its contemporaries in the nearby Pharwala and Rawat Forts. Its well preserved and cared for due to presence of the shrine of Sahibzada Abdul Hakim who, according to the local traditions, had migrated from Iran. His followers are managing his shrine situated on the western side of the Fort. It is reported amongst local people that he was fascinated by the lush green fields and the beauty of area and occupied the Sanghani Fort as his abode.


A View of the Sanghni Fort on the Sanghni Mound

The Sanghani Fort is situated at the Pre Historic mound of Sanghani which has Ancient remains dating back to 2nd Century B C.E. till 8th C.E. The Sikh rule in this area dates back to 1765 when Gujar Singh Bhangi wrested power from Ghakhars and established the strong Sikh Hold on the Area. The area afterwards saw a very prosperous Sikh trader and land owner community thrive in the area. The Area of Gujar Khan was deemed the biggest Market of Traders in the Potohar Plateau surpassing in pomp and glory of the Cantonment Capital Of Potohar Plateau, Rawalpindi during the British Raj.


The internal area of the fort, showing minarets of a recently built mosque

It is said that Sanghani in ancient times meant small Fort. It was initially build  for small armed confident in Moghul Times. Later on, Sikhs  Fortified the fort into its current state. Fortification of the Sanghani Fort can be viewed from quite far. Legends tell that this Fort was fortified by the Sikhs by using the 200 Muslim Captives and was later used as a Jail by the Ruling Sikhs. The Fort has Barracks and Bunkers build inside still intact.


The well kept towers and walls of the Fort

Shrine alongside old architecture of the Fort

Shrine alongside old architecture of the Fort


An interesting narrative of the Sahibzada AbdulHakeem and establishing his abode at Fort Sanghni as given by his followers

Fort Sanghnai is located at a picturesque  location and is an admirably well preserved fort as compared to other monuments of the nearby area.